Collaborative and practical

Reports, notifications, alerts combining data from all connected dev tools like Jira, Github, Confluence, Trello and much more.

Real-time risk alerts

Don't miss actions happening in your team using smart actionable notifications and alerts.

Easy to set up

Get started in 3 minutes. No workflow changes.

Join the evolution

As the working world evolves rapidly, Ally helps you keep up to date. Ally connects your development tools to provide actionable insights and transparency to move work forward together.

Harness the energy to work smarter, faster and better together.

Increase visibility

Get reports, notifications and alerts combining data from all connected dev tools like Jira, Github, Confluence, Trello and much more.

Stay informed

Don't miss actions happening in your team using smart actionable notifications and alerts. Personalise them to your needs.

Improve team performance

Move forward faster by measuring KPIs and acting on them. Aggregate data across multiple tools to help you make decisions.

Ready to Use with Slack

Ally integrates with your dev tool and lets you set up data alerts, schedule reports and analyse data inside Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Variety of supported tools

Keep excelling at work by combing data from Jira, Github, Bitbucket, Confluence, CircleCI, Trello, Google Calendar and many more services.

Dashboards and summaries

Be professional with activity dashboards, reports and email summaries.

Developer assistant Ally

Smart actionable notifications, reporting and alerts across work apps

Ally is reinventing the way you connect tools together to help teams move work forward together.

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Reports for team and personal productivity

Increase visibility and productivity

With Ally, you can setup reports that help your team visibility and decision process. Schedule standup, items in state, items by category, contribution, velocity and many more reports.

Smart actionable notifications

Smart actionable notifications

Have one notification hub that allows you to combine, filter and act on notifications from all your development services.

Setup alerts on important events

Setup alerts on important events

Receive an alert when something did not go according to plan Or you just don't want to miss important events in your team.

Gain ultimate team visibility

Personal dashboard and email summary

Get team or personal reports, summaries, activities and much more from all services you connect. (in private beta)

Security at it’s finest

We take security extremely seriously at Ally. That’s why we’ve built a cloud security infrastructure that follows industry-wide best standards.

Ally helps

Software Developers

Don't miss important information, be a pro, help your teammates get stuff done easier. Act.

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Team Leaders

Increase team visibility and productivity, automate reporting, get smart actionable insights.

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Software Development Managers

Get team transparency to the next level, guides your teams to delivery the best customer value.

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Use Ally to join data across these apps

Ally Slack


Ally Jira Confluence

Jira & Confluence

Ally Github




Ally Trello


Ally Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Reclaim your workday

Fewer emails. Less notifications. More productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

Who is Ally?

Ally is an assistant for software development teams that prime goal is to help you don't miss important things, restart your tasks after some time, automate team visibility and increase productivity of your team. Ally learns on data from multiple connected services like Jira, Github, Bitbucket, Trello, Confluence, Google Calendar and others.

Is it secure?

It is. For more information check out our security page

What about GDPR?

We are on it. For more information check out our GDPR page

What chat platforms do you support?

At the moment, Ally supports Slack. We do plan to support Microsoft Teams in the near future. Please let us know if you miss Ally on a particular platform.

We have behind the firewall installation, can you handle this?

At the moment, we don't support such installations, but in the near future we plan to support Jira Server, Github Enterprise etc. Please contact us to find out more details.

Other questions?

We're always available at