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Ally too many tools

With Ally, all your work is visible in one place

No more getting lost in tabs

Team acitivity timeline

Team activities feeds

Ally shows a timeline of activity for your team. See what happened and act quicker.


With all the tools teams need in one centralized place, it’s hard to miss something important.

Team dashboard

Find quickly what needs attention

No more getting lost in email

Team dashboard

Reminders and alerts

Setup personal and team reminders. Get alerts when something happens or it does NOT.

Multiple reports

Understand your team velocity, quality, progress in one place.

Team acitivity timeline

Understand the situation better

No more getting lost in your tools

Team acitivity timeline

Schedule standup and other reports

Standup and other reports keep everyone aware of what’s going on. Schedule them to get in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Smart notifications

All your notifications are rolled up into a single place. No checking 5 apps to keep up with everything.

Smart notifications from dev apps

Bring clarity to your team

With one tool, everyone sees the whole picture

Bring clarity to your team

Ally and Troops

Anyone in the company can surface and discover the information they need.

Greg Ratner, CTO from Troops
Ally and Statsbot

We use it on a daily basis... love how it adapts to our team's workflow.

Artyom Keydunov, CEO from Statsbot
Ally and BCGDV

I use Ally’s dashboard and team timeline multiple times per day.

Michael Girgis, Lead Engineer from BCG DV

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